What I learned from them

They are human beings just like you.You have insecurities just like them.Realizing that nobody is perfect will make you strong.After that being you makes you stronger.When you are YOU you can be anything you can reach all your goals.

But I wanted to talk about self confidence and what I learned.Many people have talked to me in a way that made me feel like trash.I forgive them and maybe thank them cause they made me realize its not me its them.Telling someone is not skinny is not fat is not pretty(im not sure anymore if that makes sense)is wrong becouse judging someone shows imperfections about you not them.The only thing that happens then is telling people bad things and not showing love.

 Talk to eachother like you ve known them for years

 Show love make no harm and be yourself.We are not here to hate.Show what you can do to make this world better.Money is nothing.Love is everything.


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