My feelings

I am so sad.Its been a lot lateoy.I need someone to tell whats going on.Well i was thinking that when you are goimg yi another way than someon else you dojt hav ti force staying with them becouse its your faith and that wouldnt be right.I am going through a situation that my love one doesnt care anymore and I am trying to let him go but its just too much…

I believe that I will be alone and with no one.My best friend is changing school and Im not sure if I would do what she is doing.Chase my dream job,meet new people,appreciate what I alreafy have and move on.

I dont know…plus..its the fa t that the boy i like doesnt like me but as long as I tried to take him back he denied.Its always another boy that I hate that will always be like oh I love you..hut I DONT and i want to respect someones feelings for me or anyone but when its interupting my mental issues it makes me mad…I think to myself that it will go..that I shouldnt overthink and be sad cause my mini me(8 year old self)wouldnt do that.

Respect yourself enough to know you deserve the best.


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