Items you must have during summer!

Dresses ,hats ,swimwear and more are some of the things you need during summer

  1. Straw  hat.Im so in loge with these hats.They are a classic accesory that goes well with almost everything.Plus it giges you that summer vibe we are all looking for!
  2. Birckenstocks.These shoes were made in 1786.That means they are also a clasic piece.You can choose over a variety of styles,colours even leather and material.You can wear them with jean shorts and a plaij white shirt or a mini dress even a dressy skirt when going out at night maybe on a beach bar.
  3.  Sunglasses.Quite an obvioys onebut wearing them gives yoy that kind of edge that instantly makes you like youve popped out of a magazine.You can choose the round ones,clubmasters ,oval,aviators and many more.Black ones are classic but trying bright colours is a key.Besides dont forget..its summer!
  4. My favescpesially.white cardigan with knitted details.You can find them everywhere and with many diffrent patterns on them.So why not trying to style one escpesially

And dont forget..the best thing you can wear is a big bright smile on your face


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