Changes in my life

Hello!Im writting this to sharesome of my experiences on how I changed my life.In a good way. 

Firstly Im a teen which means Im learning to live and understand people and me.Ive come up with people that were rude happy unpleasant or self-destroied.

3 years ago I was in a grouo of people,the famous,and to be honest I wasnt feeling me.I was always the extra and the only thing that was holding me with them was the fact that they were famous around school and so was I.

Then I left ,after 1 year,and started keeping your real friends closer company with…everyone!Thats becouse they were all having their crews and didnt allow to anyone to come in.

This year I found my best friend.She is my best friend becouse she stayed and Im very grateful about that.Before that she was in a group and felt the same way  as I.Her peers were absolutely diffrent and didnt left her do what she wanted.

Now we are really really close to each other and we are so happy.

But our roads are kinda seperating becouse were going to diffrent high schools from this school year.Not sure if this will make our friendship stronger ,give me other friendships ,or make me feel this awfwl feeling called loneliness.


3 thoughts on “Changes in my life

  1. You guys are young, clearly you two have a great bond, and as you stated if the friendship is meant to be, it will, if not you both will find that “Friend” or “Friends” that you are meant to have in life. I cannot say much about hanging with people that look down on others and put themselves at a high esteem, so i’m somewhat pround that you have come to notice that those guys weren’t really your companion. All i can tell you as i myself have experience is that; people come And leave, however great bonds live for a lifetime, show love to those who love you, as you yourself love who you are. Observed and come with conclusions rather then judging simply base on appearance or demeanor, there’s a lot of kind people out there, besides you’re young just live free. Ps. sorry for the long comment i felt like i had to be sincere


    1. Thank you so much for your comment!It made my day!I totally agree with what you said and hope for the best.As you said people come and go but great bonds stay!Hope you liked my second post😁💜


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